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Halloween Is Upon Us.

Watch out for those gremlins on the street on OCtober 31st! Drive carefully!

Latest PCC Newsletter

Draught Delayed Turbine Return

Due to the extremme dry condition of the field, turbine powered aircrafts are still not allowed to be operated at PCC.


Pumpkin/X'mas Tree Season Traffic

October to December are the worst months to travel on Hwy 92 between Hwy 280 and Hwy 1. All those pumpkin and Xmas tree activities. If you are travelling back to the San Mateo seid, best to get off Main Str from Hwy 1 and go through town. 



Lock The Gate!

If you are the last one leaving the field, please make sure the lock on the gate is lock properly. There were several occassions that the gate was found unlocked in the morning.

Monthly Meetings

The PCC meets on the third Wednesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. in the Dave Chetcuti Room, Millbrae Branch Library.