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AMA Charter Club #139

No Trash removal at PCC

Take what you bring to the field home with you. No trash, no dogs or children.

Latest PCC Newsletter

Turbine Jets no longer allowed

Due to the risk of fire at the PCC field, we are now banning all turbine jets from flying. Please pass on this news to anyone who flies them.

Fire Hazard

Due to the dry season, the field is extreme dry. Watch out for open flame at the field. If you smoke, take extreme caution. Put the butts in a containers.

AMA and PCC Dues

It is that time again to send in the renewal applications to AMA and PCC. No PCC renewal until you have the AMA 2015 membership.

PCC dues can be paid at the meeting or send the full amount to the treasurer. 

Mailing informaion in the newsletter.

Monthly Meetings

The PCC meets on the third Wednesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. in the Dave Chetcuti Room, Millbrae Branch Library.