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Turbine Flying Stopped

The turbine operation will be halted due to the lack of rain. The vegetation is pretty dry. It will be started again when there is enough mosture in the ground.

Latest PCC Newsletter

Turbine Jets no longer allowed at PCC field

Due to the risk of fire at the PCC field, we are now banning all turbine jets from flying. Please pass on this news to anyone who flies them.

It's your responsibility to know the AMA rules. If you haven't read them lately, GO DO SO!!!

Following the AMA rules is for our safety and is key to our field being insured. Anytime someone breaks the rules, even out of ignorance, they financially risk hurting themselves and the PCC club.

Dream Machines, Sunday April 27th

Come join us at our booth during the 24th annual Dream Machines show at the Half Moon Bay Airport. See the latest in small drones, remote control helicopters and both small and large remote control airplanes.

Monthly Meetings

The PCC meets on the third Wednesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. in the Dave Chetcuti Room, Millbrae Branch Library.